p-o-y-o-g-r-a-p-h-e-r :)

By: dell idrus

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Tuesday, 15-Aug-2006 15:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark
lazy ass

ppl are getting lazier these days.. baju pun nak bayar orang suruh iron.. tp bagus gak.. kalau bleh tlg lipat sekali pun sempoi.. hahaha.. btw i watched the movie "CLICK" the other day.. yeah f*ck jewish but the moral of the story is.. there is no easy way to be rich.. and no such thing as easy money.. u have to work til you break your bones to earn more..

sorry for the grainy pic.. took this pic at nite (just now) and i was too lazy to attach the external Flash.. dats y i set the ISO to 1600 just to shoot this piece of paper.. oh, ill definitely call this fella one day.. hahaha malas gila!

PS: i wont be able to upload any pics from 16th to 27th of August coz im away for the ASEAN Economic Meeting @ Mandarin Oriental.. kena jadi media secretariat.. (btw im at the event now.. huwarghhh).. plus, i dont bring my camera along.. joni pinjam amik gambar wedding.. kalau tak dah bleh amik gambar dgn rafidah aziz..

Sunday, 13-Aug-2006 07:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark

this shot was 'accidentally' taken in a short tunnel near KTM KL. the format's RAW. the reason why i called it an 'accidental' shot is that i forgot to reset the shutter as I was experimenting with the camera before. actually i just wanted to snap a picture of a motorist passing by us (i was with my dad). and this is the result edited in PS, as usual.

Thursday, 10-Aug-2006 15:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
no title

gambar dah pupus sbb dah lama tak pegang kamera. this is and old, crappy pic. freshly, poorly edited. haih. and today, i feel stupid. and i dun feel like attending my convo this sunday. not because of joni, i know he cant make it, i dunno.. i feel shitty... god, help me...

Monday, 31-Jul-2006 11:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
my cute lil nephew

this cute lil baby is my youngest nephew, Syed Muaz b. Syed Zukri.. dia suka sangat senyum sampai tak nampak telinga bila dia tengok makcik dia yg comey ni..maybe sebab muka makcik dia sama dgn ummi dia.. kat tok + tok abah dia tak suka sengih sangat..

tima kasih tokeikedai kerana sudi meng-edit first pic.. tochey tochey!

Friday, 28-Jul-2006 17:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Demonstrasi Anti Israel @ KLCC

ye ye je korang ni
susah tul la tak cukup tinggi ni..
kacau aa kepala mamat ni
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SIang tadi sempat join demo anti israel.. demo started at 2pm but i only waited til 245 (kena masuk opis balik).. nasib baik sempat balik cepat.. elok masuk kereta je hujan turun lebat gilos... best jugak join demo ni.. siap kena langgar lagi.. tu la kecik sangat.. org pun tak pasan kita.. masa ni nampak sangat semua parti bersatu.. tak kisah lah BN ke PAS ke.. tapi semua mempunyai satu tujuan yang sama.. kan baguih kalau selalu macam tu..

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